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Welcome to Linson Communications, We offer GPS Tracking Solutions,The proprietary, cross-platform app uses GPS and the Internet to track and send text messages, images, videos and user locations. . We are one of the top GPS Tracking Company in Tamil Nadu based in Tiruvannamalai. And also we doing CCTV Camera, Website Design, Website Hosting, Bulk SMS, Online Billing Sofwares, Solar Power System across Tamil Nadu.

We are doing Best service with good quality in tracking solutions. Our products are National warranty and excellent service support to our customers. You don't worry about our company. our products is standard and Best Quality in India.

Our services:GS tracking Solutions from Letstrack GPS Company. CCTV camera, Web Design, Bulk SMS, Billing Software’s, Solar power systems.

Linson Communicationsvision is

"Standard and Secure withBest Products forever!"

That is exactly what we are saying! Secure yourself, your family and assets.

Go, track away!

Track your family, friends and teams but also track them and your vehicle(s) etc.

We want to remove a set of worries from your everyday life, make you more productive and add value to your already invaluable life.

GPS Tracking Solutions
CCTV Camera Installation
Web Design & Development
Solar Power Solutions


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Services we provide

We are successfully running GPS and GPRS tracking solutions. Web designing and Developing, Bulk Sms services, Billing Software’s and Solar Power solutions. Every products is installation done by very experience service engineers only.

GPS Tracking Solutions

GPS Tracking Solutions varied family of sophisticated GPS tracking solutions combined with our powerful yet intuitive Apps and Web platforms ensure everybody can benefit. Families can feel closer than ever with the comfort of increased safety, vehicle owners can benefit....

CCTV Camera Installation

We offers a one stop shop for all your surveillance needs. Choose from a wide portfolio of products, including analog & IP cameras, body worn solutions, covert cameras, time & attendance solutions, home automation solutions, video door phones, and related accessories.

Web Design & Development

We offer website design, website hosting, search engine optimisation, & social media marketing. In todays competitive business world, website has becoming one of the important tool to develop business.We believe every business can be successful by creating a website ...

BulkSMS Service

We are one of the leading providers of bulk SMS in Tamil Nadu, with the best of the bulk SMS tool i.e. Web based and API for all languages etc. We cover 50+ operators India. We are committed to a tried, tested and reliable high quality India and worldwide bulk SMS service.

Online Billing Softwares

We makes it easy to manage sales, create invoices, receive and keep track of payments, do your business accounting and calculate taxes, use comprehensive real-time reporting feature to accurately measure business progress. With the Online Invoices simple (and advanced) tools you ...

Solar Power Solutions

We have lowered our cost of energy through value engineering, operational performance monitoring and efficient financial strategy. This allows us to deliver cost-effective energy for our customers. Our in-house EPC expertise lowers system costs and our advanced in-house...


We varied family of sophisticated GPS tracking solutions combined with our powerful yet intuitive Apps and Web platforms ensure everybody can benefit. Families can feel closer than ever with the comfort of increased safety, vehicle owners can benefit from features they never thought they would be see in their car, bike or commercial vehicle and business owners can improve the efficiency of countless elements of their company with powerful fleet tracking solutions and team tracking. Find out more.

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Popular Questions

Our client frequently asked question?

Why we want choose your Products?

Our Products is Standard Company with Popular Brand. Example :- We are providing GPS tracking devices from Letstrack India Big GPS Security company..

All products cover Warranty?

Yes. All products covered National Warranty with company service.

Your Company is New, How toBelieving?

Once you start Business to with us then you will change your questions. our products is good quality and no issues. and we provide National warranty and Service.

We are providing above services with Quality and standard for ever.

U Can Buy GPS tracking Devices, CCTV Camera, Web Design, Bulk SMS, Billing Software, Solar System? Contact us now!

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What's people say

"Im buying 4 wheeler GPS tacking devices from LC. Its amazing and tracking accurately. SMS alert and GPS location tracking very well. Very Happy … My car is 100% safe and secure."



"My first time business with LC in 5 PS devices in our School buses.. accrued Tracking, extract location, Alerts etc..and I buy again 5 devices and CCTV camera.. service support is excellent."

Murugan S


"Last time my institute purchase Bulk SMS and Billing Software’s from LC. Till time no issue and service support is very very good.Bulk SMS is 100% delivery is very useful to us."

Rajkumar U


"I am Iyappan .RKR transport. I have Buy 10 GPS tracking devices from LC for my 10 Lorry.s,company persom came and Installation the all devices, and educate the system. My all vechiles tracking in my mobile. No call and no tension. Thanks"

Iyappan C


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